Genomic Services

DNA Sequencing

The Keck DNA Sequencing Resource provides competitive and timely DNA sequencing in an efficient and cost effective manner. Sequencing is carried out on our Applied Biosystems 3730xL DNA Analyzers, along with Applied Biosystems Big Dye chemistries.

Next Generation Sequencing and Microarray

The Microarray Resource at Yale University is a full service facility dedicated to providing RNA expression profiling, DNA genotyping, and high-throughput sequencing using state of the art technologies. The resource is open to both Yale and other non-profit organizations.

Oligo Synthesis

The Keck Oligonucleotide Synthesis facility provides high quality, timely DNA synthesis. Synthesis is carried out on our Dr. Oligo 192 and Applied Biosystems 394 synthesizers. We routinely perform a wide variety of complex specialty syntheses, emphasizing quality and efficiency.


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