W.M. Keck Biotechnology Resource Laboratory

The Keck Biotechnology Resource Laboratory provides ~113 genomic, proteomic, biostatistical, bioinformatics, and high performance computing technologies to hundreds of Yale and non-Yale investigators whose research otherwise might not benefit from the highly sophisticated and expensive instrumentation upon which biological and biomedical research is increasingly dependent. In fiscal year 2013 the Keck Lab carried out 283,931 analyses and syntheses for 446 Yale and 419 non-Yale investigators at 249 institutions in 27 countries. With 26 staff, including 13 with Ph.D. and 4 with M.S. level degrees, ~21,000 ft2 of custom-designed space, and ~133 major instrument systems purchased at a cost of ~$12 million dollars; we believe the Keck Lab is among the largest academic biotechnology resource laboratories of its kind. The Keck Biotechnology Resource Laboratory operates on a fee-for service basis and also houses cores for several NIH Centers.

The Keck Biotechnology Resource Laboratory is organized into three genomic (DNA Sequencing, Microarray, and Oligo Synthesis), two proteomic (Biophysics and MS/Proteomics), and three multi-disciplinary Resources (Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, and High Performance Computing). The 8 Keck Resources provide a wide range of syntheses and analyses that include gene expression and SNP genotyping using microarray technologies, oligo synthesis, DNA sequencing, biophysical analysis of proteins and other biopolymers, biostatistical and bioinformatics analyses, mass spectrometry (MS), protein profiling, and high performance computing.

The Keck Biotechnology Resource Laboratory is arguably one of the best facilities of its kind in the nation in terms of support and expertise. The large number of researchers who annually make use of this facility, both from the Yale campus and nationwide, is testament to the significance of the facility for crucial support of biomedical and biotechnology research.